Funky Junkie

Funky junkie is a culture event of the 21st century that was born from a collective that represents the diversity of musical and artistic expression, and emphasizes the intermingling of diverse styles. If Funky Junkie were a 4-star restaurant, its theme would most certainly be FUSION.

The philosophy of the Funky Junkie concept was born from a shared love of the percussive aspect of music: “Through the rhythm of the breakbeat, we all connect and come together”.

The Funky Junkie Experience

Keeping with this idea, the sound of Funky Junkie incorporates a wide range of musical genres that focus on the beat, such as: Funk, Latin, Hip-Hop, Acid Jazz, Drum and Bass, Reggae, Broken Beat, and more...
One could say that the breakbeat, in its wonderfully varying forms, is the pulse and heartbeat of the event. From this foundation, an organic session of creative expression springs forth, transcending the vibe of the typical club night. Original MC Big Red Cap from Brighton hosts the show whilst visuals provided by the resident VJ and ‘street-art scenery’ animate the venue experience, breakdance battles and performances featuring showcases from BBoy Bruce Brasil heighten the energy of the dance floor and the visual experience of a wall-sized street-art mural, involving a 90 minute battle where two teams compete to finish a board in black and white. Every event features an open-mic session to nurture and promote the organic creative expression of the local community. Funky Junkie features a performance by Amsterdam’s own 9-piece funk, broken beat, fusion band: Funkalized!


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